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Adventurous. Affluent. Influential

Our clients are individuals who possess the affluence, adventurous personality traits and social connectedness to spark trends. They are celebrities, executives and other high-profile, high net worth individuals who long for new challenges and experiences. While they may have come from various walks of life, they now possess the wealth

and desire for new experiences as well as the need for the seclusion and privacy our islands afford them.  Entrepreneurial, international, influential and independent, Private Islands’ clientele actively seek the road less travelled as a way to differentiate and distance themselves from the crowd.
Private Islands Online & Private Island Travel



A veritable institution in the luxury property industry, Private Islands Online (PIO) is the only international real estate and travel web portal exclusively dedicated to private islands. Established in 1999, PIO is the first service to unite and categorize the otherwise fragmented and disparate island marketplace.

With 700+ private islands, this fully searchable and interactive site is usually the first and very often the only place prospective island clients go to begin discovering their dream property.

Our upgraded website expands on the features that have made PIO the go to source for anyone interested in buying or renting a private island.

PIO is a powerful advertising platform that reaches more than 4 million visitors annually. Private Islands is an effective solution for advertisers seeking to connect with this unique affluent and influential subset of internet users.

Private Islands Magazine



Every issue of Private Islands Magazine offers 100+ thick, glossy pages of high-impact, stunning imagery and insightful articles relating to island real estate and travel. Published bi-annually, this over-sized, 11 x 14 inch perfect-bound publication shines a spotlight on the most luxurious properties from every island region from all corners of the globe. The magazine’s exclusive, inimitable content, bold layout and hefty page count excites the eye and maximizes readership and readers per copy.Private Islands’ knowledgeable editorial staff delivers in-depth

stories and interviews that cannot be found anywhere else;

Each issue features a celebrity guest editor who has a special connection to the world of Private Islands, such as; Chris Blackwell, Sir Richard Branson and David Copperfield.

Entering into our fourth year of publication, Private Islands Magazine is the definitive voice for the island industry and the perfect vehicle to deliver your message to the ultra-affluent.


Private Islands Newsletter

With more than 50,000 opted-in subscribers, the Private Islands newsletter is the information source of choice for prospective island owners and travel enthusiasts. Our subscriber list consists of the wealthiest and most interesting of personalities, including C-Level decision makers, politicians, celebrities and even royalty. Issued every month, our newsletter highlights six unique properties and informs

our subscribers about Private Islands’ newest projects, the trendiest up and coming investment regions as well as the latest offerings from our advertising partners. Now entering into its tenth year, the Private Islands Newsletter is both an exceptionally successful advertising tool and a highly targeted means of keeping in touch with our international network.


Custom Sponsorship

Over the past decade the strength of our brand has enabled Private Islands to grow into the most dominant and influential platform in niche luxury real estate. Today, Private Islands is leveraging the strength of our brand and seeking to build and maintain long-term, mutually beneficial partnerships with a select number of advertisers. Private Islands knows how to create one-of-a-kind advertising across different platforms.

We also offer custom landing pages and micro-sites and sectional sponsorships on our Private Islands network. From small budget start-ups, to boutique luxury retailers, to high-end, mainstream product and service providers, we will work with you to tailor a campaign that targets the private island demograph.

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