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    Rågskär Island - Sweden, Europe

    Rågskär Island

    Sweden, Europe

    Meals at Rågskär typically consist of fresh seafood caught in local waters. The island's culinary motto: "the frugal has a way of being unsurpassable."

    Whole Island: $$$$$ | SEK 10,000 - 20,000 per night

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  • Utter Inn - Sweden, Europe

    Utter Inn

    Sweden, Europe

    This unusual floating island is the creation of Mikael Genberg, an artist and sculptor who focuses on making art for the public.

    Whole Island: $ | SEK 0 - 500 per night

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  • Stangoren - Sweden, Europe


    Sweden, Europe

    Stångren is a one acre paradise island with two houses, one of which is a charming light house. Rent this unique cabin with 12 beds in Roslagen, Uppland, Sweeden

    Whole Island: $$$ | SEK 1,500 - 3,000 per night

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