Emerald Lake Lodge

Name:Emerald Lake Lodge
Region:British Columbia, Canada
Location:Emerald Lake
Villa/Hotel:$ | CAD 0 - 500 per night
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Service:Full Service
Rental Info:Dotting the property’s 13-acre peninsula are 24 cabin-style buildings (accommodating up to 200 guests)
Diversions:Honeymoons, Weddings, Family, Fishing, Team Building
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About Emerald Lake Lodge

Canadas Secluded Romantic Mountain Getaway

Book your stay now and learn why Sunset Magazine named Emerald Lake Lodge one of their top 9 cozy winter lodges!

Yesterdays travellers were adventurers in search of the extraordinary.

And thats exactly what they found when they arrived by rail and horse-drawn coach to the shores of B.C.s exquisite Emerald Lake located in the heart of what is known today as Yoho National Park. Legendary guide Tom Wilson first stumbled across this small gem of a lake famed for its jade-coloured waters in 1882 during the construction of the Canadian Pacific Railway. Today, the area remains one of North Americas most outstanding and year-round accessible wilderness settings.

Built of hand-hewn timber and featuring massive stone fireplaces, the lodge includes an elegant dining room, quiet reading and sitting rooms, conference facilities and a games room. Our lounge features an oak bar salvaged from an 1890?s-era Yukon saloon. From upper and lower verandas, the vistas of surrounding mountainscapes are breathtaking. Few destinations in Canada offer this unique mix of luxury and we-are-but-specks-on-this-planet nature.

Want to leave the world behind in true mountain style?

We hope you consider Emerald Lake Lodge located 25 miles west of Lake Louise for your next feast in the wilderness.

** Please note that this property is a peninsula and not an island
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Regional Information

British Columbia's islands are located mainly in three regions: the Sunshine Coast, the Queen Charlotte {...}

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Emerald Lake Lodge - British Columbia, Canada
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Emerald Lake Lodge Inquire
British Columbia, Canada
USD0 - 500 per night
Emerald Lake Lodge - British Columbia, Canada Emerald Lake Lodge - British Columbia, Canada Emerald Lake Lodge - British Columbia, Canada Emerald Lake Lodge - British Columbia, Canada