Enedrik Island

Name:Enedrik Island
Region:Marshall Islands, South Pacific
Location:Arno Atoll, Marshall Islands
Whole Island:$ | USD 0 - 500 per night
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Service:Self Service
Rental Info:Weekly prices for entire island rental: Year-round rate: $599 USD per week. Maximum of 8 people
Diversions:Diving, Rustic, All Inclusive
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About Enedrik Island

A fully tropical, pacific ocean private dream island come true: Rugged, raw, pristine, and slightly wild!

Tent camping only. Well. Bring your own large, round dome style, wind and water resistant tents.


The weekly rate is for the entire island for up to 8 people. The RATE IS FOR THE WHOLE ISLAND, this is not a misprint, and is current! It's the same rate for 1 person or 8 people.

Year-round rate: $599 USD per week.


Enedrik Island is perfectly positioned in the northern upper section of Arno atoll, horizontally from east to west, with winter time surfing waves breaking on the east side reef, into an open water channel. November- April is surfing season.

It lays between one larger neighbor native occupied island to the west, and 2 closely coupled together sister islands to the east. Open water channels separate Enedrik from the other islands. The whole 14 acre island is yours to enjoy daily. This is the Robinson Crusoe adventure experience. You become self sufficient and self reliant. Air is clean. It's you and abundant nature in control.

No one can walk to Enedrik at low tide, so the island stays completely private. A wonderful,coconut and pandanus tree shaded, absolutely beautiful,1000 foot long, (330 meters), of fine white sand beach fronts much of the southwest side of Enedrik.

This beach borders onto the most exquisite and aluring blue turquoise colored lagoon (82 degrees/28 C. year around water temp). The lagoon reef is completely private for snorkeling daily, while during the winter months, waves breaking on the east end reef up to 6 feet happen, November - April. Really fun breaking reef waves!

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Regional Information

The Marshall Islands are a group of atolls in the north Pacific, about half way between Hawaii and Australia. {...}

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Enedrik Island - Marshall Islands, South Pacific
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Marshall Islands, South Pacific
USD0 - 500 per night
Enedrik Island - Marshall Islands, South Pacific Enedrik Island - Marshall Islands, South Pacific Enedrik Island - Marshall Islands, South Pacific Enedrik Island - Marshall Islands, South Pacific