Spectacle Island

Name:Spectacle Island
Region:Maine, United States
Location:between Bar Harbour and Winter Harbour Maine.
Whole Island:$$ | USD 500 - 1,500 per night
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Service:Full Or Self Service
Rental Info:2012 rates June and September $8000/week. July and August $9500/week
Diversions:Family, Fishing, Rustic
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About Spectacle Island

Spectacle Island Estate rests between Bar Harbour and Winter Harbour Maine. This body of water is called Frenchman's Bay. Spectacle Island is nestled in an alcove of smaller islands protected from the south weather by Turtle Island which is owned by the Nature Conservancy, while Mark Island which used to be a working lighthouse.

The view to the east with schodic peninsula blanketing the horizon right beyond. To the north you look at grindstone neck with spruce trees and nesting osprey, and finally to the west you have flat island and Heron Island which is dwarfed by the rolling hills of Mount Desert Island.

When you awake to sunrise drifting through the spruce tops off schoodic peninsula, you have a sense of freedom and space. The sun filters through the morning mist and through light across Frenchman's Bay and casts a glow of light which reflects off of Champlain and Cadillac Mountain. With a morning that rejuvenates you and gives off energy that just erupts from your soul giving you strength to take on any perfect day!

The wrap around porch gives you a vantage point to observe lobster fishermen bustling about with their daily activities; hauling, baiting, and hauling again. While the soft sea air envelops your senses and the sun dances on your skin you can watch the seagulls, osprey, and eagles soar all around and high above. With your senses being drawn in by the washing surf and the soothing beach rose aroma you drift into a peaceful intoxication. While mainland is only a short skip to shore, you feel miles from the ordinary. Your cares of day to day activities drift away after being tossed into an abyss of utopia.


The hand carved Post and Beam home finished in the summer of 2005 has all accoutrements of the modern household. The island is free of the mainland, producing its own fresh water, power, heat all thanks to new technology and fuel sources. With a combination of resources from a generator, solar, batteries, inverters, desalinization machines, and propane Spectacle Island provides to all of your needs. There are 3 bed rooms and 2 full baths, which provide plenty of room for all of your guests, and a bunk house which hangs out over the beach.

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Regional Information

Time spent in Maine is definitely a sailor's delight. Maine has literally hundreds of private islands {...}

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Spectacle Island - Maine, United States
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Spectacle Island Inquire
Maine, United States
USD500 - 1,500 per night
Spectacle Island - Maine, United States Spectacle Island - Maine, United States Spectacle Island - Maine, United States Spectacle Island - Maine, United States