Turtle Island

Name:Turtle Island
Region:Fiji, South Pacific
Location:50 miles N.W. off Viti Levu
Villa/Hotel:$$$$ | USD 2,500 - 5,000 per night
Whole Island:$$$$$$ | USD 20,000+ per night
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Service:Full Service
Rental Info:Price for a Grand Bure is $17,500USD for 7 days. $325,000USD for whole island rental. Accommodates 14 couples
Diversions:Honeymoons, Weddings, Family, Diving, Fishing, Culinary, Spa
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About Turtle Island

"Both your hearts are pounding as you gaze in awe at the wonder of Fiji just 500 feet below the single engine floatplane. You feel the excitement build as the plane lands on the calm turquoise water and coasts to a stop just yards from a perfect beach where a half dozen Fijians are playfully singing under a "Welcome to Turtle Island" banner. Your hearts quicken as you dip your feet into the warm clear water to wade ashore.

A swirl of warm smiling faces, fragrant flower lays, and refreshingly sweet and cool coconut concoctions captivate your senses. Your Bure Manager, a native Fijian hand-picked for her hospitality, slowly guides you down the silky soft sand beach to your lavish beachfront Fijian style home (bure). She makes it clear that you are her only responsibility, and she wishes to fill your every need.

The days pass effortlessly, as you find yourselves ebbing and flowing between your king size bed, jetted spa, daybed on the veranda, double shower, well stocked fridge, iPod docking station and your cozy hammock for two while, in constant view, the warm turquoise waters of the famous Blue Lagoon enchants and invites.

You explore, you snorkel, and you frolic in your own private way, on your own secluded beach, while indulging in vintage champagne and lobster picnics.

Now isn't that how you want to spend your vacation?
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Regional Information

Fiji is an island nation of some 300 islands, from remote motus caught in a South Pacific time warp to {...}

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Turtle Island - Fiji, South Pacific
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Turtle Island Inquire
Fiji, South Pacific
USD2,500 - 5,000 per night
Turtle Island - Fiji, South Pacific Turtle Island - Fiji, South Pacific Turtle Island - Fiji, South Pacific Turtle Island - Fiji, South Pacific