Utter Inn

Name:Utter Inn
Region:Sweden, Europe
Location:Lake Malaren, Vasteras, Sweden
Whole Island:$ | SEK 0 - 500 per night
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Service:Self Service
Rental Info: Seven nights, from $1,750. Half board (sleeps 2)
Diversions:Family, Fishing, Rustic
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About Utter Inn

Utter Inn (in English, Otter Inn) is an art project by Mikael Genberg which offers an underwater accommodation for the public. The facility is entered through a typical Swedish red house located on the surface of the water.

The guests of Utter Inn arrive at the port of Vasteras and are taken out one kilometre on Lake Malaren with an inflatable boat. After receiving all the instructions guests need, they are then left alone.

If guests prefer deluxe accommodation, someone can deliver dinner by boat in the evening. Guests can use an inflateable canoe to visit the closest uninhabited island. Guests can also swim, sunbathe or watch the fish (from both upstairs and downstairs) at the hotel. It's a remarkable feeling to go to bed while the fish surround and watch you carefully.

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Regional Information

With her vast coastline and idyllic islands, Sweden is an island lover's dream. The Stockholm archipelago {...}

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Utter Inn - Sweden, Europe
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Utter Inn Inquire
Sweden, Europe
USD0 - 500 per night
Utter Inn - Sweden, Europe Utter Inn - Sweden, Europe Utter Inn - Sweden, Europe Utter Inn - Sweden, Europe