Whipray Caye Lodge

Name:Whipray Caye Lodge
Region:Belize, Central America
Location:8 miles off Placencia
Villa/Hotel:$ | USD 0 - 500 per night
Whole Island:$$ | USD 500 - 1,500 per night
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Service:Full Or Self Service
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Diversions:Family, Fishing, Rustic, Eco
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About Whipray Caye Lodge

Located just 8 miles off the coast of the Village of Placencia, Belize, and surrounded by some of the finest permit waters found anywhere, lies the tiny island known as Whipray (Whippari) Caye. This charming little island is owned and operated by Julian and Beverly Cabral. With warm smiles and ice cold Belikins at the ready, Julian and Beverly make it very easy to unwind and adjust to the slow rhythms of island life.

The permit fishing is excellent and there are few places that offer better shots at this challenging fish. Some of the permit flats are only a 5 minute boat ride away and there are several year round schools of tarpon and bonefish within 15 minutes of the island.


Guest Cabanas
Lodging on Whipray Caye is very basic - two double beds in each room, ceiling fans and cross-through ventilation from windows on every outside wall, clear and natural rainwater fit for drinking or a nice warm shower on those rare chilly days - that's the fun of island life. The accommodations, 2 unique 2-room cabanas, 8 beds total, are basic and CLEAN.

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Whipray Caye Lodge - Belize, Central America
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Whipray Caye Lodge Inquire
Belize, Central America
USD0 - 500 per night
Whipray Caye Lodge - Belize, Central America Whipray Caye Lodge - Belize, Central America Whipray Caye Lodge - Belize, Central America Whipray Caye Lodge - Belize, Central America