Leleuvia Island

Name:Leleuvia Island
Region:Fiji, South Pacific
Location:Ovalau, Fiji
Villa/Hotel:$ | FJD 0 - 500 per night
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Service:Full Service
Rental Info:Dormitory rooms start at FJD$50 person including meals. Family lodge can sleep up to 5 people, FJD$155 a night
Diversions:Family, Fishing, Rustic
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About Leleuvia Island

Leleuvia, a small coral island located south of Ovalau in an area known as the Moturiki Passage, has become known as the perfect place for backpackers. The island is surrounded by clear waters, palm trees and wrapped in 2 kilometres of white beaches.

Things to do

On Leleuvia, they often say, you don't have to do anything. However, if you tire of relaxing on the beach, you can swim in its crystal waters. If feeling slightly more adventurous, visitors can snorkel off of the island, or take a trip to one of the reefs in Moturiki Passage.

In the afternoon, play volleyball, or return to relaxation and watch the sun set with a cold Fiji Bitter. After dinner, join the staff around the Kava bowl (Tanoa) and listen to their Fijian songs, or sit around a bonfire at the beach with friends and watch the stars in a clear sky. You will never want to leave this island.

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Regional Information

Fiji is an island nation of some 300 islands, from remote motus caught in a South Pacific time warp to {...}

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Leleuvia Island - Fiji, South Pacific
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Leleuvia Island Inquire
Fiji, South Pacific
USD0 - 500 per night
Leleuvia Island - Fiji, South Pacific Leleuvia Island - Fiji, South Pacific Leleuvia Island - Fiji, South Pacific Leleuvia Island - Fiji, South Pacific