Pumpkin Island

Name:Pumpkin Island
Region:Australia, South Pacific
Location:8.5 miles (13.8 kilometres) from Yeppoon
Villa/Hotel:$ | AUD 0 - 500 per night
Whole Island:$$$ | AUD 1,500 - 3,000 per night
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Service:Self Service
Rental Info:AUD$85 per person per night. $330 per cottage per night. Available to rent exclusively at $2,165 for up to 30 guests. Minimum two night stay for all rentals.
Diversions:Honeymoons, Weddings, Family, Diving, Fishing, Eco
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About Pumpkin Island

Island Style

One of Australia's hidden gems and best-kept island secrets nestled in the Keppel Group of islands and part of the Great Barrier Reef...surrounded by pristine reef and a crystalline beach, Pumpkin Island is home to the rare Flatback turtles, unique to the area.

This little private island of only 15 acres is a quaint piece of paradise that offers a blissful escape from the stresses of modern day life and a chance to partake in pristine nature. The island has everything to make your stay in paradise a memorable one. In order to preserve the intimacy and authenticity of the island, the owners have created a small eco-friendly retreat, purposely limiting the number, with a select variety of self catering cottages to five, whilst accommodating up to 30 guests. There is a very unique feel to each of the comfortable, nature-inspired cottages, only a step away from the ocean's edge. Each has a special name, colourful decor and a view of the Pacific Ocean. All cottages are self-contained and eco-friendly, powered by wind and sun, yet well appointed and charming. They have their own private bathrooms, with large decks overlooking seclusion and freedom, enjoying some of the most beautiful sunsets you will ever witness.

Island Activities

Experience the Great Barrier Reef as you never have before; fish and dive the surrounding waters, lounge on the beach, read a book, go bird watching, float in the water or delve into the adventurous side of Pumpkin Island. Explore the largest reef in the world, with a scuba tank* or without. Practice your casting at the famous Giant Trevally cove. Test your wits against the Spanish Mackerel, Coral Trout and Black Kingfish out in the deep sea*. Or simply take a leisurely day exploring adjoining Little Pumpkin and its natural wonders with a glass bottom kayak on an island tour watching the graceful turtles and dolphins or spotting a whale or two in the distance. Hike up one of three peaks for unrivalled views of the surrounding islands and reefs.

Take a swim at mid tide around the island's own coral lagoon and see a multitude of colourful coral, giant clams and fish. Snorkelling equipment as well as glass bottom sea kayaks are provided for your use. *Professional diving or fishing tours can also be arranged. Picnic lunch can be taken on the coconut palm-shaded lawns behind the tropical thatched hut overlooking the beach. Silence is broken only by the rustle of palm leaves and the gentle sound of waves breaking on the reef, whilst sipping away at sundowners from the Lookout's peaceful surroundings. Alternatively, arrange to have your evening ended with a beach bonfire and scrumptious marshmallows.

Fish for your own dinner within the shallow waters of the reef, or dine from our pre-order gourmet meals menu. Guests can self-cater or pre-order gourmet meals along with Australian wines, from the award winning Waterline Restaurant, at Keppel Bay Marina, Yeppoon. Meals and drinks are collected on the day of departure. The island will enchant all who choose Pumpkin Island for their self catering holidays in the Great Barrier Reef, Australia.

Pumpkin Island is a playground for families young and old, utterly romantic for couples and a hoot for a group of friends.

How to get there

This hidden gem is located 8.5 miles (13.8 kilometres) from Yeppoon (Approximately 45 minutes by boat).

There are numerous commercial flights available daily from Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane into Rockhampton, Central Queensland. Upon your arrival at the Rockhampton Airport, it is a 45 minute trip by car to Yeppoon Harbour where a boat, a 45 minute boat journey, awaits to take you to Pumpkin Island. To assist in maintaining the pristine environment, there are no jetty facilities, with transfers ashore undertaken by way of a smaller vessel.

You can charter a private helicopter from Rockhampton Airport for a short forty-five-minute flight to Pumpkin Island. Alternatively, you could land your private helicopter on our helipad or sail in on your own boat.

Mainland Locals

Off the island, just across the water, you are a short drive away from Australia's best amenities: unrivalled coastal scenery, walking, climbing, horse riding, fishing, sailing, beaches, golf courses, bird watching and whale watching, kayaking, canoeing and award winning restaurants and welcoming pubs - everything to make your self-catering holidays magic!

Facilities nearby in Yeppoon - Within a 45 minute boat trip to the mainland from Pumpkin Island, you will find the nearby towns of Yeppoon, Emu Park, Byfields and Rockhampton; along with a selection of professionally designed golf courses, day spa's, sailing clubs, scuba diving shops, adventure activity centre, award winning restaurants and visits to the surrounding islands and private gardens.
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Regional Information

Australia is a vast continent of natural beauty, from its endless horizons to tropical rainforests. Many {...}

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Pumpkin Island - Australia, South Pacific
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Australia, South Pacific
USD0 - 500 per night
Pumpkin Island - Australia, South Pacific Pumpkin Island - Australia, South Pacific Pumpkin Island - Australia, South Pacific Pumpkin Island - Australia, South Pacific